Young Adults Ministry

Mission: Through dynamic programming, we will provide Senior Youth and Young Adults with opportunities to grow spirituality and in their faith, while creating life-long friendships, at low to no cost to the participants to ensure inclusion of all.

Coffee House is a program designed for senior youth and young adults. Through a series of Nooma videos, discussions and special topic presentations, youth will have a chance to interact with their spirituality and each other in a real and enriching way.

Each Nooma video discusses an aspect of Christianity and our daily life and struggles as Christians. Pastor Rob Bell covers a range of topics from Forgiveness to Passionate Love, to what having a relationship with God means. Each month we will watch one of the 10-minute Nooma videos and then follow-up with a deep, reflective discussion/Q & A session about the topic presented in the video. Coffees and snacks will be served at each coffee house session.

Coffee House will be held at a different Parish every month. See the monthly calendar to see where we will be and when so that you and your friends can join us.

A couple of times during the year we will forgo the Nooma video and bring in a guest speaker to talk to us. Iconography or caroling are examples of activities or topics we may do instead of the Nooma videos a few times during the year.

Click Here to watch a clip from a Nooma video, to get an idea of the kind of thing we’ll be watching.

See photos from our previous Coffee House gatherings

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