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WYD – Our Itinerary

Pilgrims who will be travelling with the Edmonton Eparchy for the entire WYD trip (between July 9 – 31, 2013) will have the following activities schedule (currently tentative):


Week One – pilgrims will arrive in Curitiba and will tour to Prudentopolis, Iguassu Falls, and Bird’s Park. We will have a chance to spend some time within the Ukrainian community, to watch Ukrainian dance performances put on by various groups, and to explore a little along with our guide Father Methodius.

Week Two – Week of Mission – this is our chance to get to know the locals and to give back to the community in Prudentopolis, which will accept us into their country and their homes, and will help us along on our spiritual paths. Pilgrims will be divided into smaller groups and will spend their days helping out in the community, whether the need is in orphanages, homeless shelters, or family farms.

Week Three – Official World Youth Day! After the 15 hour bus ride to Rio de Janeiro, pilgrims will have many chances to take part in various events organized specifically for them. These events will include the Papal Mass, the overnight Vigil, Stations of the Cross, and many others. This is where we will meet the 4+ million other youth who will gather in Brazil to celebrate their faith and love of God.






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